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As a team of specialists operating the PromoSMS Platform, we do our very best so that the data you supply us with is properly protected. Read the following provisionscarefully in order to learn in detail how we protect you and your Clients.

Safe personal data

During the registration process at the PromoSMS Platform we only ask you to give your email address and mobile phone number, to which you get a system password generated by us. Only when you finally decide to cooperate with use, will you be asked to give us your data; it’s necessary for us to invoice you for using our services. Moreover, in connection with using our Platform, you’ll be giving the telephone numbers of the message recipients and, optionally, their other data. Remember that the information supplied by you has never been nor will it ever be made available to the third parties. We will be using the information only for the purposes of providing services (for example sending a text message).

Technical matters

The information connected with the general rules of connections made online and included in the system logs can contain different data, for instance and IP address. The Promo SMS Company uses this data only for technical purposes, connected with system administration.

Data processing

The PromoSMS Platform aims only at providing services for our Clients and we have never nor will we ever sell or make available to third parties the data collected by you in our system data, including phone numbers, message content and any other personal data.

Deleting an account

According to the Terms of Use, you have the right to delete your account created on our Platform at any time. In such case all the data collected by you will be deleted from our servers.

SSL for security

We care about the security, and you, as our Client, have a free of charge possibility to use safe data transfer protected by the SSL protocol. We encourage you to read the documentation of our system in order to learn more about how to use the SSL transfer.

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