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PPrepaid is the simplest way of cooperation and a possibility of having a mass SMS campaign. All you have to do are the following steps:


Register in our service for free and without any obligations. The only condition is accepting the Terms of Use which includes the framework of cooperation. After registering you instantly get free resources for test texting.
Pay in any amount through our Panel (quick electronic payments or transfer). All the resources for texting are available indefinitely. 

Cennik wysyłki w modelu prepaid


SMS/month MaxSMS FasterSMS EkoSMS* MMS*
to 9.000 from 0,08 EUR from 0,09 EUR from 0,02 EUR from 0,07 EUR
from 9.001 to 20.000 from 0,08 EUR from 0,08 EUR from 0,02 EUR from 0,06 EUR
from 20.001 to 40.000 from 0,07 EUR from 0,08 EUR from 0,02 EUR from 0,06 EUR
from 40.001 to 75.000 from 0,06 EUR from 0,08 EUR from 0,01 EUR from 0,06 EUR
from 75.001 to 100.000 from 0,05 EUR from 0,07 EUR from 0,01 EUR from 0,06 EUR
above 100.000 Negotiate Negotiate Negotiate Negotiate
* is available only in Polnad (planned in Germany). Full price list check in our pannel. All the prices are net, VAT not included.
> All the amount paid by you is available to be used for texting, all the IT tools (Client Panel, SOAP/HTTP API) are available free of charge, the more you send, the cheaper the texting becomes.






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I send more and more texts, what do I gain from subscription?
  • You save on every sent text message.
  • Comfort in end-of-the-month settlements; no need to remember to top up your account.
  • Warranty that the text messages you don’t use up in one billing period are transferred to the next one.
  • The prices of sending texts stay on the same level after exceeding the number in a given subscription.
  • The resources on your prepaid account can be used also after switching to subscription system.
  • The possibility to sign a contract with the duration of 12 months and longer.


Use mass texting in subscription

Check what benefits you can get from mass SMS sending and which tools you can use when working with API.

To start cooperation regarding subscription, email us: including information what number of texts messages you would like to send. We’ll prepare a special offer customized to the number of messages and your needs.