The Warranty


One of the most important matters for us is ensuring security of the services we provide. We do our very best for the services to meet your expectations as well as all the norms concerning storing and processing data.

Storing and processing data

Due to the requirements of the telecommunications law, the data is stored on our servers for the period of two years. At an explicit request of some of our Clients, we delete all the data stored on their accounts in our system. This data in such cases is stored in our backup systems, due to the legal regulations, but it is no longer available for access from the Client level.


GIODO-compliant standards

All the data is protected in accordance to the standards and requirements of the main Data Protection Officer (GIODO) which ensures complete security of the stored information.


Registration at the Electronic Communications Office (UKE)

Additional guarantee of security is an entry to the telecommunications businesses register; this makes us eligible to operate in the area of telecommunications.


Data encryption (SSL)

The data which is transferred between an Internet browser and an IT system of our Client, is always encrypted in SSL protocol as a standard. Connections to the Client Panel as well as to the API system (SOAP SSL API, HTTP SSL API) are fully protected and there is no possibility to spy on them.


Additional authentication based on certificate

Each Client is authenticated as a standard in the Client Panel and API of our system, based on a given login and password. At a special request it is possible to introduce an additional stage of authentication based on the Client’s certificate. When a Client wants to have this additional authentication process, we set a certificate (or certificates) enabling a given Client’s authentication. Only connecting systems which use this type of certificate can have access to the Client’s account and the possibility of downloading/uploading data. The certificate can be bought and generated by a Customer, or prepared by us.


Additional authentication based on the IP address

If login, password and certificate-based authentication are still not enough, it is possible to additionally set a pool of IP addresses which will enable the connection and downloading/uploading data from the Client’s account.

Safety in distributed architecture

Due to safety reasons and also the stability of the system, our servers and connecting devices for the GSM service providers are located in different server rooms in completely different geographical locations. All the network operates based on the VPN net, and so all the connections between our servers and other devices are encrypted. Data important for our Clients is stored on the servers secured this way.