Receiving SMS and MMS



We give you the possibility of ordering a dedicated telephone number. All the text messages incoming to this number are available for you.



The methods of receiving messages:
  • In the Client Panel – after logging in to our Panel, go to the New messages tag and then read the incoming text messages, check the sender and the delivery date.
  • Sending messages to the given URL address – after activating the service in the Client Panel, you can select a URL address the text messages are forwarded to. Choose the form ( POST/GET method), protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) and the way of forwarding parameters. You can change the way of forwarding the message or the URL any time.
  • Using API – you can also receive text messages through our HTTP API and SOAP API. This way you can receive all the messages, not only the new ones.
  • Via e-mail – text messages can be forwarded to the email address you enter in the Panel.


Services costs:
  • When signing a 12-month contract, assigning the number is free.
  • Monthly cost of the service, independently from the number of received messages, is PLN 120,00 net.
  • In this case the contract is concluded for the time of 12 months.
  • If the number of the ordered text messages is significant, we offer attractive discounts.


If you need, we can customize our service completely to your individual needs.

To use the service, email us at: