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The PromoSMS system was developed by two friends, Wiktor Kowalczyk and Paweł Wojtyczka. Its first version was created in just two months’ time, from July till August 2010. During the first year after the initial development, the system was thoroughly extended and developed only by its original creators. We were dealing with virtually everything – from the technical matters, trough the sales and the accounting to all the other aspects of having a business.

Today our Company employs several workers and we still search for new employees who are eager to work in a non-corporate, small but tight and friendly team. Our Company is divided into various departments, including our professional Sales Department and our friendly Technical Support Department.

Our objective, apart from providing the services of mass texting on the highest level, is also creating a friendly and welcoming work environment where communication, humor, hard work and openness are appreciated not only in the context of our Team, but also our Clients.


Our objectives:
  • The highest quality of our services
  • Delivering intuitive and useful solutions to our Clients
  • Listening to the expectations of our present and future Clients
  • Working in a strong and friendly team.