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W ostatnim czasie na rynku masowych wysyłek SMS panuje atmosfera permanentnej niepewności w związku z wchodzącymi w życie nowymi przepisami Prawa Telekomunikacyjnego. Eksperci z branży wieszczą szybki koniec wiadomości wysyłanych z losowego numeru telefonu, ale czy ich przewidywania są na pewno trafione?

Our panel is developing for you! Thanks to the personalized sending option you can now send messages unique for each recipient.

Storm alert now is not a problem at all. Thanks to the burze.dzis.net portal you can get such information to your mobile phone using the PromoSMA.pl service. We talked to the creator of the storm service, Grzegorz Ruciński; he tells us more about the details of his project here.

Advertising texts do not have to be annoying. A well-planned texting campaign can increase your sales significantly. See the 5 most important features of an advertising message.

Today we’ll talk a little lightly – we’ll show you how to conduct SMS marketing campaign in order to DISCOURAGE your clients. Remember – don’t do that to your business!